How to label boxes?

Clearly labelled boxesWhen you are about moving your home, you will surely have a lot to take care of and will definitely not wish an extra burden on your shoulder. However, you will be very pleased with the result of going the extra mile to add some organization to the packing and moving process, which is a perfectly executed labelling.
Labelling is a vital process of moving your home or when you find a reason for office relocation to a different location. It helps to reduce the stress associated with unpacking your belongings when you have finally arrived at your new home or office. Labelling is not a complicated process but its efficiency is determined by the system which you adopt. In this article, we offer some valuable tips, which, if followed can make unpacking a breeze.

Labelling by room

If you are to group all the items in your house, one of the most common and effective systems of grouping would be room by room. This system can be used when labelling your packing boxes. Packing items from the bedroom and the sitting room in one box can make you walk to and from the bedroom and sitting room several times before completely unpacking that particular box. Packing items meant for a particular room into dedicated boxes allows you less movement when unpacking, thus saving your time and energy on the tiring day of Peterhead removals.

Labelling by colour

This is very similar to the label by room system, in the sense that the same packing technique is adopted. Here you are to pack items for different rooms in their respective boxes, and assign different colours of labels to each and every box. Prior to your moving in Turriff, you can procure a set of coloured markers. Using the marker bearing the colour assigned to a particular box, give it a clearly visible painting by the side of the box. You can decide to make use of tapes if you do not wish to write directly on the body of the boxes. Do whatever painting that needs to be done on the tape and afterwards paste beside its rightful box. You can as well save yourself the stress and purchase coloured stickers.
Another thing that needs to be done to make this system effective is creating key chart on a paper to enable you remember which room is assigned the particular colour. If you were able to purchase enough stickers, you can help yourself and your movers by pasting these stickers on the doors of the rooms in your new apartment.

Tried-and-true labelling by description

Any removal services Ellon involves moving delicate, valuable, or of sentimental value. Perhaps you have an expensive laptop, TV set or an expensive wine collection you will not tolerate inappropriate handling with, then you can adopt the tried-and-true labelling method. It is a method designed to advise your movers and yourself on how to handle each of your boxes. You can give your boxes the following tags depending on their contents:

  • "STURDY"
  • "HEAVY", ETC.

Labelling by number

This is another labelling system that can be likened to the room by room method. This one involves the use of numbers. You are to design groups of digits you are familiar with. Whether Roman or Arabic numerals, all you need is to make one blatantly different from another. While using this technique, you will need to write on at least two or more sides of the boxes to avoid the labels being obstructed from your view when the boxes are stacked in your removal van by a professional and cheap Banchory man with a van.

"Open First" box labelling

Hand labelled boxIf you are moving overseas from Aberdeen and travelling a long distance to your new home and not sure of getting there on time, unpacking can be a disaster once it gets dark. You will have to adopt a packing and labelling system that will make it easy for you to access things you might need immediately on your arrival. This is where the “open first” labelling technique works perfectly. Here you are to pack things you will need on your arrival in a particular box. These boxes will include items from various rooms that will be needed almost at the same time. Typical examples are items for dinner, shower and toiletries for that night which you arrived at your new home. You can place already used items at spots you will like them to dwell permanently. With this method you can postpone the unpacking till the next day or whenever you deem right.

Print packing labels

Print packing labelling requires you to design your labels yourself. Whether you have chosen to go with numbers, alphabets, colours or whatever, you will have to design it, probably on you PC or with a pen. These kind of labels are more complex because they will have to make provision for space where you will indicate all information pertaining to the box. Some of these information include the room name, the content of the box, the box code etc.
The rewards of a thoroughly done packing can only be reaped when a good labelling is done. For this reason, you have to use the labelling technique that suits you. You can also contact your Kintore movers for suggestions on any other methods of labelling.